"For me, the OAF – WIO primarily is an organization of hope, where opportunities are for the taking, for all orphans worldwide."

Lena Joras, Global Orphan Expert


Orphan Numbers Africa 2015

OAF (est. 2007) is an independent human rights organization serving children without parental care worldwide. OAF is registered as international NGO by notaries bylaws in The Hague / The Netherlands. OAF is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in The Hague as NGO no. KVK 59409428. OAF is recognized at the Dutch Tax Authorities as ANBI, reg. 85346707.

OAF strives to guard the fundamental needs of this disadvantaged population of 250 million children by engaging in advocacy, education efforts and offering scientific expert solutions.

Registration New Partnerships 2016

Pre – registration opens May 1st 2016!

A: KEY GOALS 2014 - 2018

  1. Create awareness for government leaders, decision-makers, politicians and civil society of their responsibility to all children without parental care.
  2. Create co-operation between governments, experts and civil society.
  3. Provide solutions and strong advocacy for all children without parental care from united governments and civil society.
  4. Partner with, and open in 50 countries.

B: OAF-WIO 2004 – 2014

  • - has no government funding…
  • - is active on 4 continents and 50 countries…
  • - more then 200 inspired and passionate volunteers / staff members…
  • - and around 200 (concept-) partner organizations…