The Tax Authorities of The Netherlands require the following public information:
RSIN / Taxnumber: 853467407
The Netherlands Tax Authorities have recognized OAF the title "ANBI erkend".
the Orphan Awareness Foundation / Stichting Orphan Awareness
P.O. Box 10503
2501 HM  The Hague
The Netherlands
The OAF Board consists of the Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary.
Mrs. M.G.M. Vanmechelen, Pastor Faith Kamau, Mrs. C.J.M. Remmerswaal.
According to the registered by-laws the Members of the Board do not receive any reward, salary etc. Only travel allowance can be decided for.
The Mission and Vision, as well as the Plan of Action are to be read in the chapters on this website.
There are no 2014 activities to be listed here.
There will be no activity / financial Report 2014 for the Netherlands operation. 
There are no 2015 activities to be listed here.
There will be no activity / financial Report 2015 for the Netherlands operation.
P.O. Box 88
1210 Brussel Noord Station
P.O. Box 72622, Clocktower
860 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 140 – 128
Atlanta, Georgia, 30342
United States

Bank: ING (only on written request)

* due to limited staff and company policies (the All African project), the offices in Brussels and The Hague can only be visited upon appointment



Maarten Brekelmans
Samantha Winterton

Therese Neumann



Stefano Petroni (I)

Jessica Mann (UK)

World Producer: Monique

World Media Manager: Josine





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