OAF-WIO World Council

World Council on Children without Parental Care

OAF-WIO will unite and facilitate countries, NGOs and thought leaders in a strong international coalition of child placement professionals, the OAF-WIO World Council on Children without Parental Care. The World Council will focus on all available options, including; reunification, foster care, domestic and international adoption, and institutional care, as well as legal bottlenecks. It will also serve as a global knowledge net­work with regard of the development of child welfare policies and legislation for these children and enforcing their rights.
Memorandum of Understanding

In participating countries OAF-WIO will sign operational agreements with the leading Ministries to become partners in adding new ideas and pragmatic solutions for children without parental care. This will be developed in cooperation with all relevant Departments, and experts from Universities and other institutions.
8 developing countries (> 100 million inhabitants) have already agreed to become full partners of OAF-WIO.









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